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4/14/15 Khris is involved with Country band "Douglas Warren Band!" A few dates have been booked with more to come!

Khris Miller's Bio

Born and raised California’s diverse San Francisco Bay Area, Khris Miller was always exposed to a cultural smorgasbord of music, igniting his passion for musical versatility.  He picked up the guitar at fifteen and never turned back.  Khris graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music with a BA in Guitar Performance.  It was at Berklee Khris began to tap into his talent to compose original pieces.  He performed for years in and throughout Boston and the greater New England area in Jazz, Gospel and Classical lead guitar roles, and led his own Progressive Rock band.  Khris has since moved to “Music City” (Nashville, TN) with his wife and family.  Here at the epicenter of American music, Khris has expanded his repertoire as a singer/songwriter.  Khris is a vital member of a few bands ranging in a variety of styles from Rock and Country to R&B and Funk. All along, from coast to coast, Khris has and continues to inspire others to pursue their own musical dreams as a Guitar Instructor, performer, and writer.


Khris Miller


A humble man.  A mighty musician.  A different sound."