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Online Lessons

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Benefits of ONLINE Guitar Lessons:

1. The convenience of guitar instruction in your own home! Skype one-on-one guitar lessons with Khris means zero travel time and zero wait time for you! KM Music offers Skype lessons on any device from anywhere in the connected world!

2. Flexible scheduling! Skype lessons with Khris offers the advantage of scheduling lesson times that are convenient for you. Once a time is established just pop in front of your computer and let the learning begin!

3. Flexible payment options! When you take Skype lessons with Khris you can pay for your guitar instruction using any credit/debit card (via Paypal). Paypal is an online service that allows users to transfer funds and make purchases with the security of this trusted and proven service. (Click here to visit Khris' payment page.)

4. All lessons recorded! It’s easy to go into a lesson very enthusiastically and be submerged in a plethora of great information, only to forget half of what was said in the lesson as soon as close your computer and put your guitar down. Skype lessons with Khris are recorded and sent directly to you (via Dropbox), fully downloadable and ready to view and review at your leisure as many times as you want! You can always access each and every little detail you may have forgotten or missed at the touch of a button!

5. First Lesson* is FREE! With Khris, your first lesson* is always free. "I want to get to know you the student. I use the first lesson to asses what you want to learn and where you are at musically. Once I get a better feel for where you are at, we can move on from there." Be sure to check out Khris' Student Reviews page to hear what his guitar students have to say.


Things you'll need:

1. Guitar

2. Internet access

3. Device (computer/tablet/phone) with a webcam and microphone

4. Skype application (free to download here)

  • Other online video chatting services (FaceTime and Google+) are available, however video recording of lessons are not offered with these services.

5. Paypal account (free to setup here).


If you are Interested in online lessons, please download and read the Policy and Procedure Guidelines and fill out the Contact Form and mention the online lessons. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

*First lesson is limited to a 30-minute session only.